Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Old Friends...Live on Stage

Sometimes you really can't go home again. When Simon and Garfunkel made their surprise reunion at the Grammys a couple of years it didn't seem like that happy an occasion to me...the two of them looked uncomfortable (in the spotlight with each other) and time had diminished their voices the way time will always do (though, that said, they sounded fine.)

This 2-CD set is more of the same. The guys are in fine (if not glorious) voice and all of the old hits are dutifully trotted out (teaming with the Everly Brothers for a sprightly take on "Bye Bye Love" is a nice bonus) but I'm not sure what the point is (beyond the obvious financial considerations...Simon's last couple of albums didn't exactly burn up the charts and Garfunkel...well let's just not go there...) The 1982 reunion concert album..."The Concert in Central Park"...was more fun (though itself still not essential S&G listening) and their original recordings still exist in all of their youthful glory.

Still, if the fellas just needed a few more good pay days (from the concert tour that this album chronicles) , more power to them...maybe we'll see them together again in another couple of decades trotting out "Mrs. Robinson" for us bald and/or blue-haired baby boomers who will be ready to (soft) rock again.


Jenny said...

concert in central park was the first time i had ever heard S&G (i was 8) and i adored it, played the records to the point they almost wore out.

this is the first time i've really looked around on your blog. it seems i will be back. good stuff.

birdwoman said...

I almost never like live stuff - so I'd be predisposed not to like this anyway. But I have the original recordings, so I'm happier anyway.


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