Wednesday, April 08, 2009

ABC's Canceled Series Finales

Ah ABC I guess I should thank you for throwing a poor deprived television viewer a bone. The alphabet network has announced when they're going to burn off the remaining unaired episodes of three interesting shows cut down before they had a chance to really hit their stride.

They're going to use that choice viewing hour...Saturdays at 10 present the swan songs during the summer.

The utterly charming Pushing Daisies (see above) is first up airing its final three episodes starting on May 30th.

The quirky Eli Stone, which was shaping up to be something quite engaging after a tentative start, will occupy the hour starting on June 20th.

The soapy fun and intrigue of Dirty Sexy Money will pick up the baton starting on July 18th.

At least they didn't make us wait until the DVD sets came out to see these final episodes...