Saturday, March 19, 2005

Faye Dunaway and "The Starlet"

Jeez. I know that Hollywood is viciously unkind to older actresses and that those actresses want and need to find gigs wherever they can but still...

Faye Academy Award winning actress...should be able to find something more suitable to her stature and talent than being a judge on a cheeseball reality show on the WB.
None of the contestants on The Starlet seems destined to do much in the business beyond this lame show (the last episode I bothered to watch...and it will be the last episode I watch as the outcome of the show holds not the slightest bit of interest to me... had the young ladies all stressed out and weepy because they had to re-create a girl-on-girl kissing scene from some silly TV movie) but there is Ms. Dunaway (alongside of fellow judges, Vivica A. Fox and some casting guy whose name escapes me...and no, I'm not interested enough to go look it up) dutifully sharing wisdom with them (I'm betting none of the contestants really know who the hell she is) and dismissing the losers with sober readings of the show's unfortunate catchphrase: "don't call us...we'll call you."

I really hope (but don't expect) that the networks will finally accept the fact that
American Idol is an anomaly in its success and stop trying to clone that success with half-assed knockoffs. The Starlet joins a long list of other AI wanna-be's (Arsenio Hall's Star Search, American Juniors, Next Action Star, Fame, Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott, etc., etc., etc.) that have flamed out in the attempt to catch that elusive ratings lightning in a bottle...only this one has the unfortunate side-effect of taking an Oscar winner along for its ride into inevitable oblivion.

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TaraMetBlog said...

So true, I hate how Academy Award actresses are treated in their later years, it's not the same with the men. But... I don't really like Faye Dunaway, she bugs me, too much attitude for me. But then again I might still be tainted by her Mommie Dearest roll.