Monday, March 14, 2005

The Incredibles DVD

I'm so jazzed. I loved this movie in the theater and I love it almost as much on DVD. Some of the experience is lost on TV (at least for those of us who don't have big honking flat screen doo dads :-) because portions of this delightful animated adventure features widescreen action that filled the movie screen to grand, eye-popping effect...but it's a minor quibble because at its heart this movie is about the characters (spandex-clad super-heroes and super-villains that they be) and their amazing, fantastic, bittersweet, grandly heroic, utterly human lives and this DVD showcases that wonderfully.

I haven't explored all of the generous bonus features of the 2-disc set yet (I just got the thing from my good pals at Costco online) but the short cartoon I have seen..."Jack Jack Attack" a hoot (and it fills in some continuity from the movie featuring the youngest Incredible and his harried, ditzy babysitter.)

So cool.


Michele said...

Confession: I have not yet seen this movie but it is on my list and everyone has told me to prepare myself to be impressed. I love your comments on it.

Ms. Mac said...

While I did enjoy this movie immensley, I found it to be extremely loud. You?
I'm getting a bit old in the ears, I think!

Michael K. Willis said...

It is indeed a loud movie...being able to adjust the sound level at will is another perk the DVD has over watching in the multiplex...where they take seeming glee in being able to rattle you to your core :-)

Phil said...

Almost all good movies are loud. Though not all loud movies are good. This was definitely a good loud movie. Yes, loud = good in this case.