Monday, February 28, 2005

Random Notes (post-Oscars '05 edition)

Chris Rock was okay. Not great but okay. Hosting the Oscars is a tough gig and in my lifetime the only ones who made it look easy were Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and Billy Crystal.


Some of the nominees and winners must have felt like unwanted stepchildren...paraded out en masse onstage or made to give their acceptance speeches from the audience...but at least the producers kept the show moving.


Bless you, Morgan Freeman, not only are you a great actor but you know how to deliver an acceptance speech...short, sweet, take a bow, vacate the stage (note to all winners on all televised awards shows: if your agent/producer/interior decorator/second cousin on your mother's side needs some love send them some flowers don't bore the rest of us to death with laundry lists of people you don't want to take the time to thank in person for whatever the hell they did to help you win the award.)


One hopes that Beyonce got some extra swag for all of the singing, costume changes, and hairstyles she had to go through during the course of the evening.


Marty, it's cool man. Altman, Kurosawa, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Spike Lee, Bergman, Howard Hawks...the non-winners club is filled with some other pretty impressive names.


Yo Mr. Penn, they're just JOKES, dude. Jude Law is a big boy and I would hope that his ego is not so fragile that he needed your humor-deficient self to defend his honor (after apparently fuming about it for two hours.)


Annette Bening smiled radiantly and graciously in defeat but you just want to believe that should she and Ms. Swank ever share the nominee list again that Mrs. Beatty is going to have be held back from going all Tonya Harding on Miss Hilary.


Shannon said...

OMG!!! LMAO!!!

I got this visual...

Annette Bening grabs the Oscar out of Hilary Swanks' hand then proceeds to club her like a baby seal with it!

*wipes tears from eyes*

Whew. Thanks for sharin man, that was great!

Amie said...

LOL! thanks for that run down of what happened in Oscar.I wasn't able to watch it. It's funny the way you present it. :)

passing by via BE!