Thursday, March 24, 2005

Angelina Jolie

Is this the "sexiest (famous) woman in the world"? The readers of the American edition of FHM seem to think so (this year anyway). The erstwhile Mrs. Billy Bob Thornton came in first when the 15 million votes were counted in the magazine's annual poll.

The rest of their top ten were (in order): Jennifer Garner, Paris Hilton, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Alyssa Milano, Teri Hatcher, Pamela Anderson, Scarlett Johansson, and Lindsay Lohan.

Apparently the readers of the American edition of FHM are an extremely fickle lot...last year's poll-winner, Britney Spears, didn't even make the list of 100 this year. (But then People Magazine's annual "sexiest (famous) man alive" list fluctuates wildly from year to year as well...)


Snooker said...

I dont see how Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson make it onto any list involving the word "sexiest."

To each their own I guess.

D. Derek said...

It's Halle's world. Not sure how Angelina gets more love than her. Maybe it's because everyone knows Angelina is crazy and we've forgotten about Halle's crazy days with Dave Justice.

Scooter said...

I wouldn't put any that are up at the top near the top of my liast. I'd put Kate Bosworth at the top of my list.