Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Tribute to Joni Mitchell

On April 24, Nonesuch Records will release A Tribute to Joni Mitchell, a collection of Joni Mitchell songs performed by an interesting and eclectic group of artists.

I am a fan of tribute albums…even while acknowledging some of them are kinda cheesy…and this one is especially appealing not only because it features Joni’s amazing songs but because it features some of my favorite artists: Emmylou Harris (covering “The Magdalene Laundries”), Cassandra Wilson (“For the Roses”), Prince (“A Case of You”), Bjork (“Boho Dance”), Elvis Costello (“Edith and the Kingpin”), Sufjan Stevens (“Free Man in Paris”), Annie Lennox (“Ladies of the Canyon”), K.D. Lang (“Help Me”), and James Taylor (“River”).

Brad Mehldau (“Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow”) and Caetano Veloso (“Dreamland”), two artists I’m less familiar with, round out the lineup.

Snippets of the songs featured…both the covers and Joni’s original versions…are up at the A Tribute to Joni Mitchell site along with appreciations of Mitchell by some of the artists involved.

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