Sunday, April 01, 2007

Acceptable TV

Jack Black is one of the executive producers of Acceptable TV, a new sketch comedy show on VH1. Acceptable TV is made up of five different shows (4 live action and 1 animated), each no longer than the presumed attention span of a viewer (3 minutes or less), performed by an ensemble cast of young actors. Each week viewers vote on their favorites and 2 are allowed to present a new episode on the next show while the other 3 are cancelled.

Viewers can also upload their own shows to the Acceptable TV website and the winner of the popular vote is also presented on the TV show.

As with all comedy sketch shows Acceptable TV is decidedly hit or miss when it comes to bringing the funny (some of it works well while other stuff just flails about looking for a joke) but the actors are quite game in trying to make this stuff…like the amusing “Homeless James Bond” (see below), which was the most popular show from the first broadcast…work.

It’s not often great comedy but it is often fun…and, for me anyway, that's acceptable TV :-)

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