Monday, April 02, 2007

Sons of Hollywood

Once upon a time, c-list “stars”, faded stars, and would-be stars had to get their exposure through game shows like Hollywood Squares, guest-star desperate shows like Love Boat or Fantasy Island, and bad disaster feature films and really bad TV movies…but times have changed.

Nowadays, seemingly any wannabe, used-to-be, and never-will-be “star”…the more vapid, self-absorbed/self-pitying, delusional, and/or embarrassingly self-destructive the better… can get his or her own “reality” show on cable (including and especially thanks to the good folks at VH1, Bravo, and A&E homes to offerings as enlightening and entertaining as…um…The Surreal Life, I Love New York, Dice Undisputed, Breaking Bonaduce, Being Bobby Brown, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Flavor of Love, and Shooting Sizemore among many, many others.)

A&E’s new offering, Sons of Hollywood, falls squarely into this profitable (for the networks if not necessarily for the viewers) trend. It features the sons (see above) of Rod Stewart, producer Jerry Weintraub, and the late Aaron Spelling (producer of, among many other things, The Love Boat and Fantasy Island) in all of their vapid, self-absorbed/self-pitying, delusional, and embarrassingly self-destructive glory.

But then I try to remember what my grandfather told me…namely, if you don’t have ANYTHING good to say about something you should say nothing at all. So (this one’s for you, Papa), in regards to Sons of Hollywood:…um…”nothing at all”.

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The Randomness said...

lol I just had to laugh....I am not even watching this nonsense. You forgot Victoria Gotti and her brood (is it still showing?) I just stick to the Amazing Race and maybe America's Next Top Model. Now that they have turned AI topsy turvey I may just watch it so that I can catch up with Rosie's comments on the View the next day lol. America is indeed a land of opportunity. I should get my mum to stitch something together for me and then I will move to America and get paid for being me! Now you gotta love that!