Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rock Star: INXS

American Idol meets Survivor with a rock'n'roll edge? (Maybe AI's much touted rockers Bo and Constantine should have waited for this competition :-) Is this anyway to pick a new lead singer for an established hit rock band?

Well nowadays, I guess so. (Survivor honcho Mark Burnett and CBS certainly hope that we agree...at least enough of us to keep the ratings up.)

Fifteen aspiring young rock stars sing their young hearts for a chance to step in the frontperson role in INXS vacated by Michael Hutchence's death back in 1997 in a competition being hosted by Brooke Burke and judged by the band and Dave Navarro, erstwhile member of Jane's Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Judging by the first show some of the candidates are interesting in a good way and others are interesting in a "what the hell are you doing?" kind of way (the kids should probably steer clear of the Nirvana songs in future episodes.)

Hey, it gives the singers a shot they wouldn't have otherwise had and if it works for INXS, it's all good too. We'll see how it all sorts out in coming weeks.


Ms. Mac said...

I've really thought this was a bad idea since it was being bandied about a couple of years ago. Smacks of INXS desperation, to hang on to the Hutchence name, if you ask me.

Also, in quite bad taste considering the extremely suspicious and ambiguous curcumstances in which Michael Hutchence died.

Would it not have been in better taste for INXS reform under a new name and then try again?

Michael K. Willis said...

That's a good point, Ms. Mac. Whomever they choose, it won't really be INXS as most people think of them because Hutchence was such an indelible figure as their frontman (kind of like Nirvana trying to soldier on without Kurt Cobain or the Rolling Stones trying to go without Mick Jagger...it wouldn't work and those bands wouldn't even try.)

The One Your Mother Warned You About said...

Great site. Also, I think the "Rock Star" Concept is great. Look at the talent. I hope they will do more of these. Like Queen, Alice in Chains.