Saturday, July 30, 2005

Being Bobby Brown

When I first heard that Bravo was going to presenting the "reality" show Being Bobby Brown, my first question was "why?" Now that I have sat through some of the sometimes-compelling, sometimes-ghastly bits and pieces of the show, I kinda understand. Brown (above with his wife Whitney Houston and their daughter Bobbi Christina) is an interesting TV character...he and his family at times shamelessly mug for the camera and other times seem to forget that somebody is documenting the minutiae of their lives (which, if this series is to be believed, is an endless, often loud, often crass, self-indulgent party.)

At times it's like watching the results of a particularly gruesome car wreck, you know you shouldn't look at it because it really creeps you out but, for some awful reason, you can't look anyway. I'm not sure what the Browns expected this show to do...Bobby is an affable enough fellow but he seems to spend an inordinate amount of his time drinking and smoking and acting like an overgrown child; Ms. Houston comes off as a shrill, spoiled, glassy-eyed diva (she reportedly went into rehab right after filming this series) with no patience for any fans who cross her haughty path...but I can only guess they're living under the adage that "any publicity is good publicity".

One thing that I have had answered is the reason why Brown and Houston got together...and have stayed together for so long. In spite of everything else, they seem genuinely smitten with each other...two like-minded soulmates who found each other and have persevered despite all of those who predicted that they would not. They indeed have something in common.

A little bit of Being Bobby Brown goes a long way for me...but, that said, more power to them (and to Bravo for giving them another outlet to act out in public.)


athooks said...

Dude, you're right on w/ BBB nobody watches but it is a fantastic train wreck. Great site.

an mays said...

I think it's funny. Watching two rich crackheads do their thang. Whitney looks really bad and Bobby's just hangin' in ther with her for the money. It's evident that he's broke when they went to London and he wanted that watch. He didn't have the money to get his won watch!!!!!
Then when he told Whitney he was shopping, she commented, for who? When they were leaving the hotel rm. she told him to put the cash in her purse dawg. WOW!!! Whitney really looks bad!!! Did I already say that? And I agree that the show is a bad car acident in the ATL., I swear I saw Whitney on Bankhead Highway...tryin' to cop.
I know when Bobbi Christina goes broke...(if she ever does or just wants to keep her money rollin' in) she can always write a book about the life of two broke down celebrities. This girl can write about twenty books and i PROMISE you every last one will be number one sellers. Bobby's kids can write a book as well. All the behind the scenes dirt they have. Not just the behind the scenes on the show, just every day living w. those two is something to write about.