Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday Morning

I'm not a morning person. Grumpy, bear-like, very quiet...I am all of these before my first cup of tea...especially on Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings are supposed to be peaceful, easy, and soothing, and renewing...a time to savor the stillness, to warm oneself with a steamy mug of tea, to bury oneself in the voluminous Sunday newspaper. And if the television is going to be on...and often it is not...then it should be just so as well...peaceful, easy, soothing, renewing (and engaging and informative as well, of course.)

CBS's Sunday Morning is all of those things. An eclectic mix of news, arts, pop culture, beautiful images of nature, and gentle whimsy presented in a low-key manner that understands that an informed whisper is much more interesting and appealing than a bludgeoning scream (much of what passes for discourse in the US news media these days being just that.)

For years, the late Charles Kuralt presided over this lovely little program, his solid, personable, puckish presence a welcome tonic on Sabbath morns. The avuncular Charles Osgood...with his stylish bowties and his sometimes clever, sometimes silly verse...has filled the role with his own equally appealing vibe since the death of Mr. Kuralt.

It's a delightful way to ease into any season's gentle Sunday mornings.


I Am The Walrus said...

When I can't be at home to see Sunday Morning, I record it so that my evening will be as peaceful as can be. I miss Charles Kurault, I had the oddest crush on him for years.

Bobby Shattsboro said...

I enjoy your work, I however look at things from the reverse veiw. I'm a third shift worker whom has 6 sundays off and 2 on. While my mother was sick before she died my life was difficult. I am now returning to being able to rejoin the "sunday morning" program, while I often disagree with liberalism, the style of the program seems like a good friend whom you welcome into your home.

Earl said...

Michael -- I agree with your post about Sunday Morning. You're other posts are good too. Overall, a great blog!