Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

Dear Santa,

I just found out that come this October they're going to be publishing
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, a hardcover, three-volume, full-color set of every one of the wonderful comics that appeared in syndication gathered together in a sturdy, nifty slipcover.

This may or may not not be the coolest thing ever but, for me, it's definitely on the short list. (Just like
Calvin and Hobbes may or may not be the best comic strip ever...but without a doubt it's in the running for the title.)

It's going to be kind of pricey, Santa (suggested retail price of $150...though our pals at Amazon.com are listing it at 37% off that price), but I promise to extra super-duper good this year if you'll consider getting this for me this Christmas (though, to be honest, you might not have to since I might not be able to wait that long...)

Thanks for your time, Santa.

Your pal,
Michael Keith


The Complimenting Commenter said...

That sounds like a great gift. I always loved that strip. I hope "Santa" comes through for you. Great site.

Ms. Mac said...

Dear Santa,

Me too. Pleeeeeeeease.

Love Stella

Casey said...

May or may not be? Sacriledge!

I love Calvin and Hobbes, it was an amazing comic. Not sure if I'll be getting this though. No comics that aren't already in other books, likely too big to make for casual easy reading, and likely shrunken sizes.

The third best comic ever, far side, released the same sort of thing not long ago.

Al said...

COOL! Honestly, I stopped reading the comics ever since Calvin 'retired'. I just might have to ask for this myself.


Blueyes said...

Oh I soo want a copy of this.....tks for the headsup.

Phil said...

Calvin & Hobbes rule!!! But there's no way I can be good enough for Santa to bring me that lol


Janet said...

If I knew you a little better, I'd buy it for you myself. Go ahead, treat yourself to the book, you're worth it!

Rich | Championable said...

Agreed on that one, amigo.

Last Girl On Earth said...

Well Michael... Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice! (tee hee) Only 7 months to be on your best behavior...

BTW, make sure you check out my new contest on Friday. You've got a good chance of winning! (You'll see... You have a head start!)

birdwoman said...

Santa? Who needs Santa!

Hmmm, october. Columbus day is in October, right?

I think C&H would be a perfect columbus day gift!


Rambling Rose Cottage said...

There is always the Summer Santa! Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Storyteller said...

Oh boy I know my hubby would love the set! Hope we can afford it!

RagDoll said...

You may not be able to see me, but I just did the 'Snoopy Dance' after reading your letter to Santa. I promise to be extra good if I get that too! Here's hoping Santa grants your request.

Spyder said...

Well, there is a bit torrent file in pdf that's about 185 mbs that you can get for free!! I'm just saying....

S. Faolan Wolf said...

I had no idea! Must have! ::drool!::

See, this is why I love blogs and journals. You can find out so much without doing all the work.

Now I have to be good the rest of the year so hopefully Santa will bring this to me as well.

apples said...

I was sent two Calvin & Hobbes books by someone I knew in the US. He loved them and just sent them so I could enjoy them too, and it wasn't hard to see why it's said to be the best strip ever. I've read one book but not the second. The guy disappeared without trace, I'll read it if he comes back. It's almost as hard leaving the book on the shelf as it is to realize a friend isn't coming back.

weirsdo said...

Thank you so much for this invaluable info. My son, a HUGE fan, happens to have an October birthday.

texasblu said...

I am so glad to know this! I have 3 Calvin & Hobbes fans in my house! They are going to be lovin' life! :) Thanks for the heads up! Michele sent me.

rohin said...

oh 'calvin & hobbes' is truly fab hot. it's so weird to see fancy commemorated editions be released of something that was such a significant part of my cultural mythology back when i was a wee kid (like nine, ten years ago?)

i say you prioritize and if you want that gift, boy go and get that gift. cause it'll be worth every last cent to know you have the kooky boy and his tiger immortalized on your bookshelf.

Kris Lipschutz (schmanta) said...

"Santa" my ARSE!
I read in some blogger's bloging blog, that Santy Claus don't exist!!!!!
What in the bloggers Blogging World
Am I to do now
I want...no...NEED this book
Say what you may(It takes a geek to spot one) I Love(capital L)C&H, who wouldn't?
Guess I'm off to my very reliable torrent browser. I won't be fooled by any more wonderfull tales of that
chubby-vodka nose-funny smelling-beer bellied-wide hipped-red riding hood!

Carlang said...

I think you;re wrong.
i think Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip ever!!

Nice blog.

I'm just being biased.
Anyone who has as much love for calvin and his insanely pompous sidekick tiger can only be cool.

Happy New year.