Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Amazing Race

Despite being hobbled by losing their money and possessions at the end of the last elimination round, Uchenna and Joyce, the almost-always upbeat and positive couple from Houston, outlasted "Survivors" Rob and Amber to win The Amazing Race.

I didn't have a strong rooting interest for any of the teams but that they won was cool. (I hope their efforts to have or, failing that, adopt a baby work out, they seem like they might be good parents.)

Rob, gleefully playing the "villain" of this edition of the Race, added a new energy to the proceedings but he did so with such abandon (or at least so the editing led us to believe) that rooting for him to actually win was not in the cards for me. (Amber was mostly a useless, smirking appendage during the race.)

One hopes that Rob and Amber live happily ever after now that they are joined in marital bliss following their soon-to-be broadcast wedding and that, after the 2-hour Rob and Amber Get Married extravaganza later this month, they will accept that their "15 minutes" are over and they leave the rest of us alone. (I'm not holding my breath on that last point though...I fully expect that they would jump at the chance to go for another big payday on another "reality" show given the chance. Maybe Fear Factor will be doing another $1,000,000 couples edition...)

Third-place finishers Ron and Kelly have, we presume, gotten as far away from each other as possible after the way their relationship so acrimoniously imploded during the course of the series.


uao said...

I wasn't rooting for anyone this season myself, but I was glad that Uchenna and Joyce got it over the other two in the end.

A real nail biter, eh? It was funny to see the smirk fade from Rob's face when the plane went back to the gate to pick up Uchenna and Joyce after it has already closed the doors and backed away.

It's a good show; I keep telling myself not to waste time on reality shows, but that one has always drawn me in.

Looking forward to seeing how the Apprentice winds up tomorrow.

Ferg said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the comment and drop by anytime.


Deek Deekster said...

is it me or do you continually change your blog template?

Michael K. Willis said...

The template here on NR hasn't changed since I set it up, Deek. I've changed the template on my other blog, Bread and Roses, a couple of times but I'm not savvy enough about that stuff to change it constantly (and nor would I want to change it that often anyway.)

Kim said...

I am a hard core TAR fan... and while I didn't start out rooting for Uchenna and Joyce, by the end I was for them all the way. That was one of the best endings ever... with them right at the finish line begging for money to pay the cabbie... whew!

Ron and Kelly... especially Kelly were a new brand of unpleasant for the show.

Nony Mitchell said...

I was happy with the winner...I wanted either Uchenna and Joyce or Rob and Amber to win. Say what you will about Rob's tactics, but they were fun to watch and you do have to give the couple credit...there was none of the nasty fighting that you see so many couples do on this show...both of these two teams did this competition without ripping each other to shreds...I particulary enjoyed the fact that Rob kept pumping up his girl through out the whole thing...and the comment about what type of palace he would build for her, just melted my heart.

Storyteller said...

Once I realized U/J wanted kids I began rooting for them, especially after India when Joyce had her head shaved. :P

I love Rob & Amber. I think they played very well in this race.

I was just SO glad Ron & Kelly didn't win.

Jana said...

I was rooting for them from the very beginning. Hubby wanted Rob and Amber to win and I was happy to see that smirk wiped off Rob's face. I kept saying he was too nasty to win, just like Colin and Christie two seasons ago.