Sunday, March 04, 2007

Michael Jackson in Japan

Amid rumors of a possible Las Vegas show (ala Celine Dion and Elton John) and a new record in the works (I guess there might be some folks who are still waiting for that all-star Hurricane Katrina benefit song you were supposedly working on, Mike), Michael Jackson has surfaced in Tokyo for two relatively high profile events.

The first, a VIP party scheduled for Thursday, will feature guests…who have to pony up $3,500 each…mingling with Jacko and, according to the organizers of the shindig, getting “thirty seconds to one minute” of exclusive face time with MJ (be still, my heart.)

The next day Jackson will host a fan art contest for folks who don’t have a spare $3,500 to spend on a minute of quality time with a faded (no pun intended) pop star...admission to this goes for the bargain basement price of $130. Jackson will pick 3 winners and those fan artists will get to have brunch with him.

No word on how much of the dough from the VIP party is going to Jackson but one has to assume that he ain’t doing it for free.

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