Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me :-)

…you say it’s your birthday,

it’s my birthday too, yeah!...

Today (Tuesday March 13th) is my birthday…yay! I still love my birthdays!...and it’s also the birthday of one of my favorite actors William H. Macy (above with his wife Felicity Huffman) as well as the birthdays of U2’s bassist Adam Clayton, singer/songwriter/pop icon Neil Sedaka and actresses Deborah Raffin, Dana Delany, and Annabeth Gish.

Happy birthday to all of us happy Pisces people! :-)

"Birthday" words and music by John Lennon & Paul McCartney

* * * * *

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Linda Ringwood said...

Very cute picture...especially the second one..a very very Happy Birthday from my part too...have a great day and may god bless u with endless happiness and joy...I have found some really cute ecards from net and have posted them along with few ideas on my blog...i'll be glad to have ur views shared there :)

Doug said...

Happy birthday, Michael!

Tell the truth now, would you even remember Deborah Ruffin if you didn't share her birthday?

I'm a fan of Macy's, too.

Michael K. Willis said...

Linda - Thank you very much :-)

Doug - Thanks! And you're right, I did see one movie she was in (Noble House) but I couldn't honestly say that I remembered her.

Earl said...

Happy Birthday -- from one Pisces guy to another. I really enjoy your posts.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday