Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project Runway

Ah, Project Runway…with Heidi Klum’s endless wardrobe of stylish maternity clothes and her oddly-endearing cool Aryan charm (you almost forget that her catchphrase…“You’re out”…is a kiss-off sending yet another would-be Versace or Donna Karan out of her presence and off of the show)…with sanctimonious judges with pursed lips (Nina Garcia always looked like she was smelling something extremely foul) and quips not nearly as clever as they thought they were (Michael Kors might be a great designer…honestly I wouldn’t really know…but his “witticisms” almost always lacked anything resembling real wit)…with 16 designers full of good reasons for making bad fashion…with the celebrity aesthetic that actually thinks that Nikki Hilton is someone to be lionized…with the fussy dithering of Tim Gunn…and, of course, with the self-proclaimed majesty of the one and only (at least we should hope so) of SANTINO!...what was not to like this season?

Well, silly outfits made of plants notwithstanding, not too much. The second season was better than the first…more interesting challenges and just enough bitchiness, cat fighting, rampant egos (well hello there, Santino, fancy meeting you here) and overemotional weeping (yes, Andre, we’re looking at you) to keep it interesting. Chloe’s win was a bit of a surprise (the straight woman trumps two gay men in a fashion designing competition...go figure :-)…Daniel seemed to be the anointed one until his final collection sort of fell flat and Santino seemed to have the maverick thing going for him but he went soft (though often pretty) with his final collection…but then I didn’t think that what’s-his-name should have won the first season so what do I know about this fashion stuff?

(Me, I was rooting for Nick but he got bounced before the finals.)

They’ve put out a casting call for Project Runway 3 so Heidi and the gang will be back…and so will I (as unabashedly fashion challenged as I am and will ever be.)

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