Saturday, December 10, 2005

Richard Pryor

December 1940 - December 2005
Rest in Peace


Very Anonymous Mike said...

I always thought it was very sad that he went into hiding. I had always hoped that he would come out one more time before passing away. Secreting away seems like a death sentence. Once I've considered, but considered knowing what it would be.

My mother said that she understood if he did not want to be seen in some aged, weakened state. Maybe that is the point. From listening to him over the years, from the glimpses of his life that he had shared with us, we knew it could not be about vanity.

Or maybe I just wanted him around forever.

Athene Aquinas said...

The King of Comedy is dead... long live the king. Who shall take his place? It will be a long time efore anyone even comes close.