Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sippiana Hericane

Dr. John, a proud New Orleans native, has crafted a lovely, heartfelt tribute to his storm-ravaged city with Sippiana Hericane, a brief but powerful EP.

This disc starts off strongly with a gospel-flavored chant, “Clean Water”.

It then moves to the heart of the record: the four-movement “Wade: Hurricane Suite” (based on the gospel song “Wade in the Water”.) The good Doctor is in fine form on the keys and lets his playing tell the story throughout this suite.

The first movement of the suite, “Storm Warning”, is a soulful strut using the melody from “Wade in the Water” as its main riff. The second movement, the more ominous “Storm Surge”, finds Dr. John’s supple piano playing off some fluid organ lines and drumming. The third movement, “Calm in the Storm”, is a soothing, hopeful ballad that features some of the Doctor’s loveliest playing. The fourth movement, the churning “Aftermath”, features a soulful choir celebrating the battered but unbroken spirit of the Gulf Coast.

Dr. John returns to the vocals (along with the choir from “Aftermath”) with the loping, bittersweet but proudly inspirational blues of “Sweet Home New Orleans”.

A brief reprise of “Clean Water” closes this tasty little benefit disc (all artist and label proceeds from its sale go to organizations working on the recovery and rebuilding of New Orleans including the Salvation Army, the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, and the Jazz Foundation of America.)


Very Anonymous Mike said...

Can we get this in any music store?

Michael K. Willis said...

I presume lists it for $7.98 so I presume other outlets and stores would have it too.