Wednesday, November 02, 2005

But Can They Sing?, they can't.

With But Can They Sing?, VH1 has come up with another way for C-list celebrities to embarrass themselves on national television: a "singing" competition.

Watching the likes of former heavyweight champ Larry Holmes, former model Kim Alexis, former Power Ranger Michael Copon, Carmine Gotti, and Bai Ling (the young lady pictured above who writhed her way through a version of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" that stayed proudly out of tune from beginning to end...and no, I don't know who she is either) gamely croak, squeak, and otherwise stomp tunelessly through pop songs would be amusing if it weren't so sad. Nobody should need to be on television this badly.

To be fair, Morgan Fairchild was game covering "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" and Joe Pantoliano's Sinatra impression had a certain cheeseball (though often offkey) charm but for the most part it was a cringe-worthy hour (not at all helped by host Ahmed Zappa's smarmy cheerleading.)

Someone made of sterner stuff than I will have to let me know who "wins" because I'm not going to put myself through any more of this painful offering.


Ms. Mac said...

Oh dear, I saw some of that previewed on Entertainment Tonight.

I am sure my ears actually bled when I heard the singing. No, I couldn't watch anymore of it.

Very Anonymous Mike said...

Is that a dress Bai Ling's wearing, or a Freudian Slip?

I'll tell you who the winner is. The one that gets to tug that last ruffle.

They should do a crossover show, and see if Bobby Brown can sing. How about "B-List: Special Victim's Unit"?

If blogs do audio, please include a sample of her "Like A Virgin." It would really knock this entry out of the park.

kenju said...

I am glad you said all this because I might have been inclined to watch it - but now I won't!

Michele sent me.

Sheila said...

Bai Ling has had roles in quite a few movies, including Red Corer Wild Wild West, Anna and the King, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. She acts a little better than she sings.

She dated singer Chris Isaak for a while and appeared on his TV show once. I think they broke up soon after. Maybe she asked him if she could sing on his next album.

ukok said...

I was going to say 'only in America', but you know what...we have our share of these excruciatingly painful shows broadcast on our British screens too!

I like your writing style.

God Bless.