Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Serious Way of Wondering

I heard about this fascinating little book from an interview on NPR and, though I am not a churchgoer, the idea of it intrigued me enough to obtain a copy. Of course, then it languished on my ever burgeoning pile of books to be read until I finally plucked it out last week and read it through.

Reynolds Price, a devout Christian (though not a regular churchgoer either), presents his take on the ethics of Jesus in relations to some modern social issues (abortion, homosexuality, etc.) extrapolating from the Gospels and other books of the Bible that deal directly with the words and deeds of Jesus...kind of a philosophical examination of the popular "What Would Jesus Do?" a way that is reverent (Price is, as I said, a believer), challenging, and thought-provoking.

Agree or disagree with his thoughts and conclusions...and regardless of whether or not one is a devout Christian...this well-written essay will make one stop and think (and anything that does that is aces in my book.)

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