Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Okay let me start by being completely honest here: as much as I really liked "Tennessee", "Only the Lonely", and "My Sharona" when they hit the charts (and later classic rock radio), I really hadn't been spending a lot of time wondering what Arrested Development, The Motels, or The Knack were doing these days.

And I certainly didn't give much thought to the whereabouts of Loverboy, Tiffany, A Flock of Seagulls, Haddaway, or Vanilla Ice either.

But that said, this NBC show...recycling 80's and 90's pop stars (and/or one-hit wonders) into pop nostalgia (and possible comeback "kids") for the 21st curiously appealing and actually pretty entertaining (the smarmy host...whose name escapes me here...and unfortunate series name notwithstanding.)

The perfomers perform their greatest hit during the first half of the show and then cover a recent hit by other performers in the second half; the studio audience then decides who wins the prize of a $20,000 donation to their favorite charity. With CSI in reruns, it's a fun way to kill an hour on Thursday nights.

And with Sophie B. Hawkins and Cameo scheduled to perform next week, I'll certainly be watching. Word up! :-)


Doug said...

When I lived in Atlanta, keeping up with the Arrested Development folks wasn't hard. It'd be nice to know what they've been up to the last five years, though. I expect speech is still explaining.

Jen said...

The show is mildly entertaining, but I think it should be called "American Idol for has-beens" as that is the feeling I get from it. That and desperation.

Chandira said...

I saw that.. sigh.. Painful, wasn't it?
I did dig the Knack, doing My Sharona, but Vanilla Ice proved yet again worthy of ridicule..