Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just as I found myself about ready to drift away from Heroes they go and start acting like they want to get interesting again. Ain’t that always the way? :-)

This week’s offering was relatively taut…leaving some over-exposed characters on the sidelines (yes I’m looking at you Nathan and Claire…you too Sylar) and seemingly streamlining the cast (life expectancy for super-powered blondes seems very limited on this show…unless you’re a former cheerleader) and even bringing back an old friend (howdy “Rebel”, figured it was you.)

This “Fugitives” arc is indeed getting interesting (the creepy and cranky one-note government guy notwithstanding)…though I am well aware that this show sometimes fails to pay off on its promises so I won’t call it a comeback (sorry, LL, I had to do it) just yet. But they’ve bought at least a few more weeks of my attention.

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