Friday, February 01, 2008

Eli Stone

Eli Stone , ABC's new Thursday night "dramedy", tries hard to achieve a state of profound whimsy…there’s a definite Ally McBeal vibe (complete with random production numbers and quick cuts to exotic locales in dreams) to the proceedings…and sometimes it reaches that state.

But the word that too often encapsulates the show is cute. I haven’t decided if that’s a good thing.

The titular character is an ambitious shark of a corporate lawyer…he is successful and engaged to his boss’ daughter…who finds a new direction in life due to an inoperable brain aneurysm which causes him to have vivid (and, yes, whimsical) hallucinations which show him the way to do the right thing. There is some stuff about Eli perhaps being a “prophet” though one would hope that modern prophets aren’t seeing George Michael dancing and singing “Faith” :-)

The show is visually remarkable and the cast…led by Jonny Lee Miller as Stone and featuring the always wonderful Loretta Devine and Victor Garber…is solid but the pilot still wasn’t engaging enough to turn me into a fan. I’ll give it another viewing or two to see if it grabs my interest.


Sosunaolata said...

I heard about this show through a co-worker, she liked it and told me to give it a try. I'm really looking forward to the end of the strike. I'm spending a fortune on movies!

I enjoyed your blog, btw.

sukosari said...

Nice blog, sucess always to you

Heartlandish said...

I like this show, personally speaking, because it's a slow let-down from the excitement of Survivor and Lost, which are on right before it. If it weren't for that fact, I might not be watching it. So many shows, so little Tivo space.