Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I'm trying to sample as many new network shows as I can but some of them are making that a hard slough. ABC, for example, managed to pull off the trick of putting on a completely humor-free "comedy" hour on Tuesday night with the debuts of Cavemen and Carpoolers. (One hopes and expects that the series finales of Cavemen and Carpoolers are not too far in the distant future.)

The next time somebody decides they want to turn a Geico commercial into a television series they should think about using the gecko, who could've stared at the viewers for 22 minutes and still been MUCH funnier than Cavemen. Yikes.

And Carpoolers' only saving grace is that it's marginally better than Cavemen. Marginally. Very marginally (what the hell was Jerry O'Connell thinking?)

(Good thing I had my entertaining, well-written, truly amusing pals on House and Boston Legal to come along afterwards and wipe the stench of comedy flop sweat out of my numbed psyche and save Tuesday night TV viewing.)


suchsimplepleasures said...

i knew i didn't miss much by not catching those shows but, you've confirmed it!

Very Anonymous Mike said...

I feel bad. My friend called while it was on to recommend it, and I did not disguise my disgust well enough. Basically, I told him that I would not watch a Geico commercial unless there was TREMENDOUS word-of-mouth. This weekend, he said that he had to leave an actual German Oktoberfest to "scrapbook my vacation photos." Am I painting a clear picture here?