Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hey Paula

What a waste of time. It’s not that I expected this show to be good…far from it…but I was hoping that it would be at least interesting (if only in the train wreck sense like Being Bobby Brown or Breaking Bonaduce…being actually fun and engaging like Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List was way too much to ask from a show about Paula Abdul) but it is not. It is the worst thing one of these innumerable celebrity reality shows can be: dull and totally uninteresting.

I’m not sure why Abdul decided to let cameras follow her in “real life” but the result is so stilted, so staged, and so mind-numbing that it can’t do anything to help her loopy image.

If the point was to let us see how she’s a loopy, pretentious (I’m sure she hugs her maid all the time when the cameras aren’t on), shallow c-list diva (complete with a seemingly incompetent entourage of assistants), then mission accomplished.

Hey Paula is scheduled for 6 episodes and, hopefully, that will be that (we get more than enough Paula lunacy during American Idol…that’s all of the Abdul crazy we need during any given year.)


sir jorge said...

They'll give anyone a show now won't they?


Lindystar said...

Good lord no. And for your post? Can I GET an AAAYYYYEEEMEN!!