Thursday, June 21, 2007

AFI's Top 10 American Movies

In 1998, the American Film Institute ranked the best (American) movies of all time with its "100 Years...100 Movies" list. They've reshuffled the list with the 10th anniversary edition (as voted on by 1,500 directors, writers, actors, critics, and other Hollywood types) revealed in a TV special this week.

The new Top 10 movies are:

1) Citizen Kane (which also ranked at #1 on the 1998 list)
2) The Godfather (up from #3)
3) Casablanca (down from #2)
4) Raging Bull (up from #24)
5) Singin' in the Rain (up from #10)
6) Gone with the Wind (down from #4)
7) Lawrence of Arabia (down from #5)
8) Schindler's List (up from #9)
9) Vertigo (up from #61)
10) The Wizard of Oz (down from #6)

The two films that made the top 10 in 1998 but not this year were: The Graduate (which was #7 in 1998 but is #17 on the new list) and On the Waterfront (#8 then, #19 now.)

On the overall list, the biggest leap from 1998 to now was made by John Ford's western classic The Searchers starring John Wayne (it moved up from #96 to #12.)

Four movies that were made after the first list was made placed on the new list: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (#50), Saving Private Ryan (#71), Titanic (#83), and The Sixth Sense (#89).


kip152 said...

The Godfather ahead of Casablanca? That's just insane. Did Gladiator make the top 100?

Michael K. Willis said...

Nope, Gladiator didn't make the cut (Ben-Hur, on the other hand, squeezed in at #100.)

kip152 said...

Charlton Heston, need I say more? Thanks for the info...