Friday, February 23, 2007

Pop Culture News and Notes

Despite Axl Rose’s promises late last year, Chinese Democracy, the eagerly (?) awaited Guns ‘n Roses CD (10+ years in the making!) will NOT be out on March 6th (and in other news: water is wet.)

A new release date has not been set.

* * * * *

Hey kids! If you’re 12 to 15 years old and want to be a performer (and someone who loves you is willing to pony up about 3,000 bucks), you too can attend American Idol Summer Camp! Idol Camp, a performing arts summer program sponsored by the production company that created American Idol, will feature classes in singing, dancing, and acting taught by entertainment industry professionals (including former American Idol contestants.) Each session of the camp, which will be held in Massachusetts, will run 10 days (the $2,900 tuition includes room, board, classes, and souvenirs.)

Idol campers, who are not required to audition to attend (if your check clears, kid, you’re in) will not be given any special advantage should they choose to tryout for Idol when they reach the proper age to do so (currently you have to be 16-28 to be allowed to take a chance to become the next American Idol.)

* * * * *

Meanwhile, on the Idol mothership: the field was narrowed to 20 as Rudy Cardenas, Amy Krebs, Nicole Tranquillo, and barefoot Paul Kim (and his lucky underwear) were all sent packing. The women were, as a group, stronger than the men during this first week but it's still early in the process.

(And every time I start to think that Ryan Seacrest can’t possibly get any more insufferable, he goes and proves me wrong…)

This year’s star mentors will include Tony Bennett, Jon Bon Jovi, Barry Gibb, Jennifer Lopez, Martina McBride, Diana Ross, Gwen Stefani, and Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits (a band I’m sure all of the contestants know intimately…I hope there’s not too much struggle over who gets to sing “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” on the show…)

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