Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Random Pop Culture List

In their new book, authors Allan Lazar, Dan Karlan, and Jeremy Salter have ranked The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived, a listing of fictional characters they think have had the greatest impact on our lives here in the real world.

Their Top 10 includes:

1) The Marlboro Man (see above)
2) Big Brother

3) King Arthur

4) Santa Claus

5) Hamlet
6) Dr. Frankenstein's Monster
7) Siegfried
8) Sherlock Holmes
9) Romeo & Juliet
10) Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Among the other influential fictional characters on the list are: Jim Crow (#13), Don Quixote (#17), Rosie the Riveter (#28), Archie Bunker (#32), Prometheus (#46), Captain Kirk & Mister Spock (#50), Uncle Sam (#61), Superman (#64), King Kong (#74), Madame Butterfly (#89), Betty Boop (#96), and Paul Bunyan (#101).

I probably would have had Santa at the top of my list...and neither Charlie Brown nor Snoopy make the list at all (what's up with that???)

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