Friday, April 14, 2006

Pop Culture News and Notes

Due to popular demand (okay, I’m exaggerating about that) and halfway decent ratings (go figure) VH1 has announced that there will be a second season of the redoubtable Flavor of Love featuring Public Enemy mainstay Flavor Flav (see above) still looking for love from a bevy of hootchie-mamas…I mean, eager young ladies. The “love” connection made during the first season between Flav and “Hoopz” apparently didn’t work out (they’re just friends according to “Hoopz”.)

* * * * *

This summer’s edition of Big Brother will apparently be an “all-star” affair featuring former houseguests from the show’s first 6 seasons. Details on who will be participating on Big Brother: All-Stars (some of the players will be voted in by a public poll) and when the show will begin have not been released by CBS as yet (Julie Chen will still be hosting.)

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ABC is considering moving either Desperate Housewives or Grey’s Anatomy to spread the ratings wealth of their powerhouse Sunday lineup (which also includes Extreme Home Makeover) to some of their weaker nights. One of them could be moving to Monday to fill the void left by Monday Night Football (which is moving to ESPN.)

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Tori Spelling and her mother Candy Spelling are apparently not speaking to each other because Candy is furious about her portrayal on Tori’s faux-reality show, the often-amusing So NoTORIous. Loni Anderson plays the “Candy Spelling” character with over-the-top diva gusto on the VH1 show (Tori’s father, producer Aaron Spelling, is usually represented by a disembodied voice through a phone speaker just like Charlie on Spelling’s camp classic series, Charlie’s Angels.)

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Carolyn said...

If ABC moves anything, I hope it's Grey's Anatomy. I like Housewives on Sunday night, even though it's aired same time as the Soprano's on HBO, I can catch the Soprano's again on Thursday night. And that leaves Tuesday free for American Idol, although it clashes with Nashville Star, but I can see it again on Saturday morning... ;)

Happy Easter, Michael!