Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Cry Baby/Piece of my Heart

One of the highlights of this year's Grammy show was the searing tribute to Janis Joplin by Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone.

Stone was soulful and fine (her voice is more smoky, resonant, and powerful than her tender years would lead you to expect) but Etheridge, bald as a result of chemotherapy, was downright incendiary. It was a thrilling rock and roll performance.

iTunes has the live track available for download...with the proceeds going to cancer research at the City of Hope and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation...and, even though I only download music only every now and again, I went for it right away. It was too cool to pass up...and supporting a good cause was all good as well.


Ms. Mac said...

I didn't know that Melissa Ethereidge was sick. I hope she's well soon!

Michael K. Willis said...

Ms. Etheridge said in an interview that the chemo...which was treating her breast cancer...was effective and that there's no detectable traces of the cancer now and that she's feeling good and is ready to rock again (I think she's recording a couple of new tracks for a greatest hits collection due out later this year and thinking about touring again.)